Reasons Why Renting a Cottage Is Better Than a Hotel

Reasons Why Renting a Cottage Is Better Than a Hotel

Booking a rental cottage is a fantastic idea for any holiday. Many people choose hotels over holiday cottages because they aren’t sure whether a cottage is right for them. Let’s have a look at why you should consider holiday rental cottages this time around. 

The ultimate experience for any family is not what is available inside the building. To truly fall in love with your holiday, you want it to feel like you have spent quality time with your family and a sense of adventure. This is where a holiday cottage is the perfect place to spend your holiday.


Reasons To Book a Holiday Cottage Instead of a Hotel


Let’s face it, it’s nice just to have somewhere to enjoy your own space. Constantly seeing other people in your holiday accommodation can become frustrating and doesn’t feel all that different from the rush you experience back home.

Having a holiday isn’t about the convenience of people changing your linen sheets or having access to room service. The true benefit of a holiday rental cottage is the fact that you won’t be disturbed by neighbours or the noise of traffic outside. 

In addition to the peace and quiet, cottage rentals are generally much larger than when you book a typical hotel room. You can feel like you are at home but with the joy of being on holiday at the same time. Feeling boxed in is sometimes one of the reasons people book a holiday in the first place, so you don’t want to repeat that in a cramped hotel room. 


Staying in a rental cottage is a far more enjoyable experience in terms of your surroundings. You can experience the local area in full without feeling overwhelmed. If you are staying in the cottage for a considerable amount of time, you can fully check out the local community to see what it has to offer. Once you’re finished exploring you can return to your quiet cottage without worrying about seeing other people if you just want to relax.

Whilst it may not seem great to some, many people enjoy having access to cooking facilities and managing their own meals. You usually have the option of a washing machine, dishwasher, and all the other home essentials and this can even make your holiday a little cheaper. The atmosphere overall is a lot more relaxed compared to a hotel room.

Family Bonding

Booking a hotel can be inconvenient for a larger family. Holiday rental cottages offer a roomy experience and allow you all to enjoy peace and quiet. Sometimes a hotel will not have the food options to satisfy younger children. Having your own cooking facilities will allow you to make sure young ones are fully catered for. 

Most teenagers and older children will not always want to spend their time with you on holiday. They enjoy their own space, which is completely normal. Due to the benefit of having a full-sized cottage, they can come and go as they please. The best holidays are the ones where everyone in the family enjoys themselves, so book a holiday cottage today.


The best way to take in the amazing atmosphere of a rental cottage is to try it for yourself. Soak up the peace, quiet, and flexibility during your stay to see the difference. Check out the fantastic accommodation that we can offer your family at Tove Valley Cottages. Call our friendly team on 01327 811714 to book your stay today or fill in our contact form to ask any questions.