About Us & Our Cottages

Our Story

At Tove Valley Cottages, we’re a small family farming partnership. We have to provide holiday cottages to rent in Northamptonshire that are unforgettable and environmentally friendly. We’re passionate about the local countryside, sustainable energy, and animals. This is why we offer dog friendly cottages in Northamptonshire.

Heathencote Farm was thought to be a Victorian model farm and formed part of the Fermor-Hesketh estate. It was formally a rented dairy farm which had fallen into disrepair when the estate took land back in hand, in the 1980’s. The main complex of buildings had been redundant from the previous twenty years until the estate was sold in 2005. We purchased the buildings 12 months later and set about restoring and making the buildings weatherproof. In 2012 planning permission was granted to convert the buildings into self-catering holiday lets.

We are a small family-run farming partnership that is passionate about farming and sustainable energy. Our aim is to create a good quality and environmentally friendly holiday destination within the heart of the UK. Our self catering cottages in Northamptonshire benefit from biomass heating system which uses timber harvested from our sustainable farm woodlands and all cottages are fitted with the latest low energy appliances to help keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

As well as why all the dog friendly holiday cottages in Northamptonshire we offer have a biomass heating system. We power the heating systems with timber from the sustainable woodlands across our farm. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy our dog friendly cottages while helping out the environment too.

We built our Northamptonshire holiday cottages from adapted farm buildings. This is why each of our 11 dog friendly holiday cottages in Northamptonshire has a unique and rustic look. Tove Valley Cottages was originally Heathencote farm – a Victorian model dairy farm. As a family, we built the farm backup from disrepair to create the picturesque cottages available for holidays today.

There is plenty of countryside for your pet to explore around your accommodation. Outside our dog friendly holiday cottages is a beautiful courtyard they can also play in. With seating that lets you relax outside all year round. As well as cottages we have barbecue facilities for all guests to enjoy and much more. Rent our holiday cottages today!


The Farm

We are a working arable farm that grows and harvests crops, such as grass, maize and rye, to feed our Anaerobic Digestion Plants.
This creates sustainable energy in the form of electricity and gas, that are both injected straight into the grid.
Coming soon to 2018 we have plans for a riverside walk so you can take in the views and observe the work carried out on the farm. Watch this space!