Ongoing Coronavirus Update



10th September Update:

Reservations made before 14 September 2020

All Guests with current bookings for Toad Hall, Rats Retreat, Swallows Swoop or Weasels Way affected by the latest ‘Rule of 6’ government announcement about social gatherings in England will have the option of a one-time credit to be used for a future date subject to availability. Please email and we will of course endeavour to do our best to accommodate your choice of date.

Details of the announcement can be found by clicking

This currently applies to bookings of seven or more guests from different households or not in the same bubble that are travelling to properties in England.

What should you do if you think your booking is impacted?

If you think your stay has been affected based on the above, please email .

For reservations made on or after 14 September 2020 our normal terms and conditions apply if a booking is cancelled. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information and for information about cancellations and refunds.

If your booking was made through TripAdvisor Rentals, Airbnb or and you believe you may be entitled to a refund, please contact them directly:

If you have booked with TripAdvisor Rentals you will need to contact them on 0203 701 5407 or 0800 098 8460 to discuss your booking.

If you have booked with Airbnb you will need to contact them on 0203 318 1111 or to discuss your booking.

If you have booked with you will need to contact them on 0203 564 6725 or to discuss your booking.

We appreciate that some guests may have bookings that are impacted by other legislation and government guidance which is constantly being reviewed and updated by the government. Before deciding whether to travel, customers should ensure they have checked and understood the relevant legislation and government guidance that is applicable to their party, party make-up and locale of a booking.

As there is currently no official end date to the “Rule of 6”, we will continue to follow guidance from the Government and keep our policies under constant review.

For further information regarding the ‘Rule of 6’ please visit

What you must do

From 14 September 2020 it will be against the law to meet people you do not live with in a group larger than 6 (unless you are meeting as a household or support bubble). The police will have the powers to enforce these legal limits, to include issuing fines (fixed penalty notice) of £100, doubling for further breaches up to a maximum of £3,200. Please bear this in mind when socialising with other family members staying in different cottages. Tove Valley Cottages do not accept any responsibility for guests not abiding by this ruling.

Advise Tove Valley Cottages of all the names and contact numbers of guests staying by emailing – to help the NHS Test and Trace service in the national effort to contain and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The records will help NHS Test and Trace to reach anyone who may at a later date be found to have potentially been in contact with a positive coronavirus case whilst at a particular venue, helping to quickly contact people at risk of the virus and prevent localised outbreaks before they occur. Data will only be used by NHS Test and Trace if deemed necessary to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are responsible for keeping a record of the name and telephone number of guests for 21 days.

Do not share or move cutlery/crockery between any Cottages

Try to stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from anyone you do not live with normally or anyone not in your support bubble

Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds

Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

If you can, wear something that covers your nose and mouth when it’s hard to stay away from people, such as in shops or on public transport

Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Follow the government’s social distancing guidance about what you can and cannot do outside your home.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the large wheelie bins on site before you leave the cottage.

Our Cleaning Protocol

Whilst we are dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we want to reassure all our guests of the cleaning regime we follow when preparing your cottages so you can enjoy your stay with us at Tove Valley Cottages in the knowledge that everything in our power has been done to ensure the highest rate of cleaning is being carried out.


Proper preparation is important. It helps us to clean more efficiently and more safely.

Our cleaning staff are provided with:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Mask or cloth face covering
  • Multi-surface disinfectant


Cleaning is when we remove germs and dirt from surfaces. For example, using a soapy cloth to wipe down a kitchen worktop or hob.

During the cleaning stage we:

  • Dust, sweep or vacuum all floors
  • Clean or mop hard surfaces (such as walls and flooring) with water and soap
  • Wash all dishes and laundry
  • Empty all rubbish bins and line with fresh bags


Sanitising is when we use chemicals to reduce the number of bacteria. During this step, we sanitise all high-touch surfaces. For example, spraying chemical disinfectant on doorknobs, light switches, and cabinets.

During the sanitise phase, we:

  • Spray high-touch surfaces in each room with a disinfectant spray
  • Let the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label
  • Allow the surface to air-dry


After cleaning and sanitising, we review the room-by-room checklists to ensure that all appropriate areas have been cleaned and sanitised. 

What you can and can’t do

For more information visit this site